Perform Jet A1 Quality Tests

Course Description The course is designed as competency based education and training (CBET) module that focus on intense hands-on approach to Jet A-1 fuels testing processes. Participants complete a number of field and laboratory practicals that would enable them apply their skills to a variety of scenarios in Jet A-1 fuels testing in Oil and Gas and related industries.

Course Information

Target Groups

  • Members of the public who are interested in a career in Oil and Gas industry quality control and operations.
  • Those responsible for quality control and quality assurance in Oil and Gas and related industries

 Overview of Course Program

  • Safety principles and practices in Jet A-1 fuel testing
  • Ethical practices and principles in Jet A-1 handling
  • Industry and regulatory standards for Jet A-1 fuel
  • Housekeeping principles and practices during Jet A-1 Handling
  • Preparing samples and equipment for Jet A-1 fuel testing
  • Methods of testing Jet A-1 fuels
  • Jet A-1 fuel test reports and process close out

Duration: A minimum of 115 hrs (14 days)

Assessment: Practicals and written

Certification: TVET CDACC National Certificate


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